Monday, September 26, 2011

A Library Thing

This is my current collection of library books (and CD's). I spend a lot of time at the Library and my most recent additions were yesterday - the CD's, a couple of books on knitting and one on sewing (I *will* use that machine!) I feel more at home at the library than anywhere else - which is probably more normal for teenager to say than someone about to turn thirty-one, but there you go. Anyway, I decided to put in a volunteer application and see if my clerical or bookseller skills would be of any use. I'm hoping yes :)

Today I'm off to Ft. Collins for a psych. appointment. I'm looking for a diagnosis beyond Bipolar as I think I've got some other things going on - but we'll see. As long as we can get to working on this constant depression and social ineptness and hopelessness in the future. That would be nice.

In the mean time my husband is home for the next couple of days (Yay!) and while we have no real plans (we're both down with a cold) it is very nice just having him around :)

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