Thursday, September 29, 2011

It is a beautiful Autumn day here. Cool, a little breezy but incredibly comfortable. I have missed Autumn so much. The last thirteen years have either been spent in the New Mexico desert or on the tropical island of Okinawa. No real Autumn season to speak of in either place. Though I liked the rain in Okinawa - except when it interfered with hanging the laundry. Anyway - I am very thankful to be living in a place with all four seasons again. I grew up in Massachusetts and there it was just the way it always was - everything was very distinct. I'm looking forward to snow, but not to the Wyoming cold and especially not to the wind! I'm looking forward to seeing the dogs in the snow. Dylan we adopted in New Mexico as a puppy and she's not seen any real accumulation. We got Kuma here in Wyoming back in April - but she came from a terrible situation and I doubt she ever had a chance to play in the snow. It should be fun to watch them explore!

Yesterday I got a semi-diagnosis on some pain I've been having. Sciatica. I say semi- because it's more a symptom name than a diagnosis. But I'm on a course of steriods as well as painkillers and muscle relaxers and I start physical therapy next week. On the 14th I see my PCM to discuss getting an MRI of my back. I am not ashamed to tell you that MRIs are a fear of mine. I feel buried alive in there. When I got my last one in New Mexico they gave me these special glasses so I could see out and down to my feet. And an anti-anxiety med. And music. Seriously, I hate those things.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

To Ft. Collins and back again

So we made our trip to Ft. Collins and I saw my psych. When I asked if I had more going on than just Bipolar he leaned forward and laughed and said "Oh yes! You have much more going on!" I wasn't sure how to take that but he said not to worry so much about the names of things and just focus on the getting stabilized. That makes sense. He's weaning me off two of my current meds over the course of a month in the hopes it'll ease up the depression due to the interactions they are causing. We'll see what happens.

In other news I have an appointment at the Library on Monday afternoon to talk about that volunteer position! Hopefully that goes well and I can actually function as a volunteer in a social setting. I'm keeping my fingers crossed because I'd really like to do this.

Monday, September 26, 2011

A Library Thing

This is my current collection of library books (and CD's). I spend a lot of time at the Library and my most recent additions were yesterday - the CD's, a couple of books on knitting and one on sewing (I *will* use that machine!) I feel more at home at the library than anywhere else - which is probably more normal for teenager to say than someone about to turn thirty-one, but there you go. Anyway, I decided to put in a volunteer application and see if my clerical or bookseller skills would be of any use. I'm hoping yes :)

Today I'm off to Ft. Collins for a psych. appointment. I'm looking for a diagnosis beyond Bipolar as I think I've got some other things going on - but we'll see. As long as we can get to working on this constant depression and social ineptness and hopelessness in the future. That would be nice.

In the mean time my husband is home for the next couple of days (Yay!) and while we have no real plans (we're both down with a cold) it is very nice just having him around :)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

And here we go.

There's nothing so sad as an empty blog so I may as well start filling this one up right away. This blog will serve the function of being my "writer's blog" and here for just general musings as well. I'd like to see myself develop a routine of getting things down and out on "paper" - be it real paper or the computer - once a day. My husband's schedule gives me much time to myself as he's gone for four days at a time - equaling out to half of every month. Some people have said that they think this would be a great thing. I think they must be more crazy than I am because we both hate it. Anyway - it does give me time to focus. Hopefully I can start putting it to good use!

I'm afraid I chose a strange day to start a blog as I just got antibiotics for a cold I can't kick and I'm still pretty down. But I did want to get something up here. Thanks for stopping by!