Thursday, September 22, 2011

And here we go.

There's nothing so sad as an empty blog so I may as well start filling this one up right away. This blog will serve the function of being my "writer's blog" and here for just general musings as well. I'd like to see myself develop a routine of getting things down and out on "paper" - be it real paper or the computer - once a day. My husband's schedule gives me much time to myself as he's gone for four days at a time - equaling out to half of every month. Some people have said that they think this would be a great thing. I think they must be more crazy than I am because we both hate it. Anyway - it does give me time to focus. Hopefully I can start putting it to good use!

I'm afraid I chose a strange day to start a blog as I just got antibiotics for a cold I can't kick and I'm still pretty down. But I did want to get something up here. Thanks for stopping by!

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