Friday, October 7, 2011

All the little things.

This guy was waiting for us when the dogs and I came back from our walk this morning. I'm thinking super moth? He's pretty - and he'll continue to stay pretty as long as he's outside and doesn't bring along a swarm of his friends.

I saw the hematologist on Monday - I've got a Vitamin D deficiency and an intestinal infection. So super duper Vitamin D pills for the deficiency and Vancomycin for the C. difficile.I also saw my physical therapist on Tuesday and he says no to sciatica. He says I've got a back problem and a separate problem in the TFL muscle - causing sciatic symptoms. Anyway - doing some exercises for those and getting nerve stimulation treatment Tuesdays and Thursdays on my back for the next couple of weeks. That last part is really quite nice!

In a rather quick turn around I've already decided against going for SSDI. If I go for disability I can't go to school (or, obviously work) and I want desperately to work with or for wildlife. I've tried school before, several years ago and ultimately dropped out due to depression. I've also left several jobs for the same reason. But I want this, more than anything. Years ago I was being treated by a different doctor who was over medicating me (I was at any one time on seven to nine daily psych meds). I'm in a different place now. Much less medication. I'm older (which I'm told makes a difference). I think I need to not give up on something I want so badly - even if it'll be hard getting there. I'm going to commit to using my resources and to doing something that matters to me - I believe I need that. I believe everyone does.

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