Saturday, December 3, 2011

Another wintery day in Cheyenne. The first thing I did this morning (after having a cup of gingerbread coffee) was shovel the sidewalk, walkway to the house and clean off the car. This is not the first morning I have spent like this - but this is my first winter in Cheyenne after living ten years in the New Mexico desert, and two and a half years before that on the tropical island of Okinawa. I am just not used to it. Back in the fall outside of Lowe's were snow blowers. I told Mike we should get one. He came up with a bunch of reasons why it wasn't necessary, so they all went home with somebody else. Now it's winter and oddly enough every time we have a snowstorm Mike is in the field O_o I can't fault him for that, he doesn't make his schedule and he doesn't control the weather. But he also isn't the one home doing the shoveling :p I know it's good exercise - it's great exercise! There's no arguing that! It's good to get outside and do something with yourself. But it never fails that when I'm getting ready to go out the morning after a snowfall I see my neighbor out with his snow blower :p
 Random Thoughts:
-When I posted about getting the birds I said we were thinking about naming them Bludger and Snitch. We actually went with Opal and Jade :) Also, it turns out they are both girls (we thought they might be boys)
-I want to join a writing group (or maybe another group of interest) but everything around here isn't actually around here - it's either in Ft. Collins or Laramie (which is actually smaller than Cheyenne) - both are 45 minutes away. Though it's not the time of the drive that bothers me, it's the gas.
-I bought my school books last night. I got them on and with shipping the three of them cost $180.00. One was brand new. If I were to have gone through my school's book store I would have paid at least twice that (without shipping).
-Christmas shopping for family is done! I have one or two more stocking stuffers to pick up for Mike and then he will be done too :D I'll probably do that today.
-That's all. No more random thoughts :p

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