Monday, November 14, 2011

Chugging along with NaNoWriMo! I'm currently at 23,479 words - just over the recommended goal for today.I am honestly surprised that I've kept up this long and really do hope I can stick it through until the end :D I had to get an endoscopic procedure done today and I think if I managed to get my word count in today there should be no excuse for the remaining two weeks!

I'm currently up a bit later than usual as I'm waiting for midnight to register for classes online for the Spring semester. I'm not sure why registration starts at midnight - but I want to have the best chance at getting the classes I've chosen so here I am. Thankfully I've got nothing planned tomorrow so I can sleep in if need be :D

We've got part of our Christmas shopping done (woot!) We know where we want to do most of the rest but the lady only puts up shop occasionally and not on any real schedule so we're having trouble finding her O_o Then we've got Mike's brother and his girlfriend and we're set! Except for ourselves. Though that's more a matter of knowing what funds are available than knowing what to buy. Also I've bought supplies to make Christmas cards and I'm really looking forward to that XD

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